A Study of the Development of Sharia in Zoroastrianism

@ Mostafa Ghazi Zahedi / MA in Religious Studies, Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute Alamdar205@gmail.com

Hussein Naghavi / Assistant Professor at Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute

Received: 2020/09/19 - Accepted: 2021/01/31



All divine religions have had a Sharia including the laws people need for achieving happiness. Therefore, Sharia is important in any religion and its study is also of special importance. One of these divine religions, which is based on monotheism is Zoroastrianism. This study discusses Zoroastrianism’s Shari'a, the course of its developments and its current status. Historical evidence shows that the law of Zarathustra has had many ups and downs throughout its history. Today, research shows that there is no trace of Shari'a in the exact sense of the word in the texts of this religion. The Shari'a, which always exists in the text of any divine religions, has been diminished in this religion, and the Zoroastrians have abandoned the Shari'a and their Shari'a books, and this is an important shortcoming.


Keywords: Zoroastrianism, sharia, Avesta, development, Vendidad, collective wisdom.

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