The Possibility or Impossibility of Finding Methodical Theology in St. Paul's Epistles

Hassan Ahmadizadeh / Assistant Professor of Comparative Philosophy, Kashan University

Received: 2019/09/03 - Accepted: 2020/01/09



The question that arises here is whether or not methodical and coherent theology can be noticed in the writings of St. Paul, an important and influential figure in the history of Christianity.

 While considering the various views on whether or not methodical theology can be found in Paul's views, St. Paul pays attention in some way to his theological background in the Jewish tradition while providing methodical theology and, many Christian theologians acknowledge that his faith is rooted in his following the Jewish tradition. On the other hand, St.Paul observes his personal and mystical experiences in the face of the Christian theological tradition. This study concludes that, given the four key teachings in Christian theology, it is possible to say that methodical theology, though not very clear, can be seen in St. Paul's epistles. These four teachings topics are: exemption from sins by coming to faith, moral theology, original sin and the Trinity.


Keywords: St .Paul, theology, methodology, faith, the Trinity.


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