A Response to the Introduction of the Book “101 Cleared-Up Contradictions in the Bible”

* Seyyed Ismail Seyedzadeh / PhD Student of Religions and Mysticism, Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute 
Javad Baghbani Arani / Assistant Professor at Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute
Received: 2020/12/12 - Accepted: 2021/04/18

The book “101 Cleared up Contradictions in the Bible”, written by Shobeyr Ali, examines 101 contradictions in the Testament. Four Christian missionaries have responded to this book. Seeking to descriptively analyze the introduction to their defensive response, the present article shows that the existence of contradictions in the Bible cannot be denied and one cannot validate the Bible arguing that the Bible is a revealed book which the Qur'an has confirmed. Furthermore, whether the authors' responses are correct or not, Muslims' views of the Bible will not change; that is, whether there is a contradiction in the Bible or not, Muslims do not give absolute credibility to the Bible because the Qur'an has just confirmed the Bible on the whole.
Keywords: Christianity, criticizing the Bible, contradictions, defense writing. 

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