A Comparative Analysis of Creation from Non-existence in the Quran, the Old Testament and the New Testament

* Mojtaba Nouri Kouhbanani / PhD Student in Religions and Mysticism, IKI
Morteza Sane'i / Assistant Professor, Department of Religion and Mysticism, IKI
Received: 2019/09/21 - Accepted: 2020/03/02

Using a descriptive-analytical method this paper studies the quality of creation in the works of philosophers and theologians. This article tries to analyze the quality of creation from the perspective of the Holy Quran and the Bible. The creation from non-existence is one of the important issues that should be studied from a religious point of view and finally the related issues should be clarified, because it is the basis of many scientific and religious issues. In the following, the confusion that some people have committed and have separated the realm of religion and reason has been presented and then its answer has been expressed from the point of view of Islam, which is the only answerer to this question. Finally, the results of the discussions are mentioned.

Keywords: Holy Quran, the Old Testament and the New Testament, creation from nothing, creation from nothing (la men sha'e), creation from not something (men la sha'e).

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