The Metaphor of the Idea of the Sex in Kabbalah Political Theology

* Saeed Jahangiri / PhD in Political Science, Tehran Islamic Azad University, Science and
Research Branch
Mahdi Fadaei Mehrabani / Assistant Professor, Political Science, Tehran University
Received: 2020/02/17 - Accepted: 2020/07/27

In general, the metaphor of the idea of the sex can be applied to those theological reflections that deal with the subject of the idea of the sex from a theological point of view. This part of theology is associated with political theology in Kabbalah Judaism. Such a description of the Holy Land contains a feeling of prejudice and zeal (like a husband's prejudice to his wife) and has created a kind of political theology of the idea of the sex. This theological belief, which promoted a kind of sexual-political honest-praising, was achieved in two ways. In other words, Kabbalah Judaism metaphorically analyzes its politics and political thought based on the idea of the sex themes of the Bible. Kabbalah political theology explains this analysis in particular in the sense of Shekhinah returning from exile or a woman distanced from her husband, which is based on a kind of formative relationship between God as husband and the nation of Israel as wife. This marital relationship between God and the nation of Israel turns into a kind of theological honest-praising in the political field, which will be analyzed in this paper.

Keywords: the theology of the idea of the sex, political theology, Kabbalah, holy land, Shekhinah.

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