A Review of the Infallibility of Prophet Yusuf in Imammiya Narrations Based on the Qur'an and the Old Testament

Hossein Naghavi / Assistant Professor, Department of Religions, Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute                                                                                                                                          naqavi@iki.ac.ir

Received: 2019/11/20 - Accepted: 2020/04/12



The life history of divine prophets has in some cases been distorted and incorrect narrations and myths have been presented. Using a collectivist approach, this study seeks to examine the Imamiyah view of the infallibility of Prophet Yusuf based on their narrations to prove the infallibility of Prophet Yusuf by resting on the Qur'an and compare the view of the Qur’an with that of the Old Testament. Considering this aspect and the other aspects in the subject of discussion, this study is considered novel and are different from other similar works. Since intellectual proofs have priority over transmitted narrations and the infallibility of the prophets has been confirmed also proved by intellectual proofs, Qur’nic verses and the narrations identical to them that of some cite to support the supposing that Prophet Yusuf is not infallible has been reviewed. The idea of attributing four sins to Prophet Yusuf by referring to the verses 23, 24, 42, 70, 99 and 100, respectively, i.e. the intention of committing, adultery, invoking other than God, lying and not showing due respect to father is rejected by this article, all the accusations against Prophet Yusuf have been dismissed.


Key words: infallibility, the Quran, Imamiyah narrations, the Old Testament.



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