The Moral Attitude towards Dissidents from the Perspective of Shiite Commentaries with Emphasis on the Qur’anic Verse 83 in the Surah of Cow

Seyed Hamed Alizadeh Mousavi / PhD in Comparative Studies in Religions, University of Religions and Doctrines                                                                                                           

Received: 2019/09/25 - Accepted: 2020/02/17



The Qur'an contains many moral teachings. According to these moral teachings, Muslims must behave morally towards others or they are warned from behaving immorally. The moral obligations in the Qur'an are either imposed on a specific group such as believers and Muslims or on the people in general. This study tries to examine these moral obligations and it refers to Shiite Quran commentaries to identify, the scope of these obligations and the group of people and others wherever a command is given to behave morally towards people and others, is and it tries to answer the question whether the moral teachings of Islam are imposed on the people in general and include the dissents or on specific group of people. Among the verses to which the commentators refer when dealing with this question is the verse 83 in Surah Cow. This study seeks to examines the views of the commentators by emphasizing on this verse.


Key words: moral attitude, dissident, moral teachings, the Quran, Shiite Qur’an commentaries.



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